Breaks like glass
But not in your hand
Shoot you down
Right where you stand
And it don’t care for what you wear
Or which way you might sway
It calls you up
But not on the phone
And it will drag you from your throne

And you may laugh while you sit there
Sipping your champagne
And they all laugh at your despair
Sniffing your cocaine
I’m a man of choice in an old Rolls Royce
And I’m howling at the moon
Is my happening too deafening
For you?
For you?

It’s maybe the fame
It’s forgotten your name
It’s sees you cry, you never did explain
And I remain
Blowing through you like a hurricane

It’s a shame
It’s a shame
It’s a shame

It will not fall
Not from the sky
And it don’t eat no humble pie
And you may have your quiet life
But I bet you don’t know why
It made you a mess
You didn’t believe
You still don’t know what makes me breathe